About Us

Informed Dissent is a protest legal support project that is maintained by members of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) Legal Support Team. The aim of this project is to support protestors (both XR and not), by providing legal support and information in the hope that we promote the idea of engaging in direct action being aware of the legal consequences.

The XR Legal Support Team has supported many thousands of people through the arrest and court process by providing pre-action trainings, legal briefings, a 24/7 phone support line and post-arrest support.

Much of the information we provide has been written by individuals with experience of providing legal support for protestors and some of our resources are checked over by lawyers who are knowledgeable in the field of protest law.

We have taken inspiration from groups like Green and Black Cross (GBC), who provide support to protestors and have done so since 2010. Many of our resources have been adapted from the GBC website too and so we thank them!