Funded support for newly charged

Last updated: 25.06.2021


The support detailed below is available to XR rebels with charges relating to an arrest after 1 June 2021. Those arrested before this date will still be eligible for Access to Justice support, travel expenses and hardship fund claims. The below information is for rebels with Magistrates Court cases. Support for Crown Court cases differ so please get in touch directly on

Please read the following information carefully before making a decision on the support model you would like to go ahead with. If you have any questions please contact 

As a result of generous crowd-sourced donations from our XR UK central legal funds page we have established a two-pronged approach to providing financial support to XR defendants. Please note that funds are limited, and therefore this support can only last for as long as the funds allow. We hope this new model can ensure we reach as many rebels as possible who are in need of financial support due to their legal case.

Since January 2020 we have provided XR defendants funded initial legal advice from protest experienced solicitors through the access to justice scheme (A2J). This support has been well received by many rebels, however we recognise that it may not suit everyone’s personal aims or needs so we have therefore decided to open up a parallel level of financial support, called funds for justice (F4J)

It is important to note that neither of the below models are intended to cover all the costs associated with your legal case, each are viewed as a contribution to support XR defendants. Information about court finances can be found here: 

Access to justice support is available from a selection of pre-approved protest experienced solicitor firms across the UK. The support typically includes: pre first hearing review of your case, obtaining and reviewing of the prosecution evidence (eg the body worn video), advice on potential defences and the potential financial and legal consequences and their implications. This support will not normally extend to representation at hearing or trial. This option is recommended for:

  • Rebels who are going through the legal system for the first time
  • Rebels who feel they have a good technical defence and so would benefit from one-to-one advice from a solicitor


Funds for justice support will be available to any rebel who has not had Access to justice support for their case. It is not means tested, however will be awarded as follows:

On legal aid: guilty plea £50.00
  not guilty plea £150.00
Self rep or private funds: guilty plea £50.00
  not guilty plea £250.00


This option may be suitable for rebels who are more confident with the court process and aren’t as concerned about arguing technicalities in their case

How to apply

Following your arrest, make sure you notify XR Arrestee and Legal Support. This can be done either through the, or by emailing This first step is essential to ensure you receive financial support. Please keep Arrest Welfare updated on the status of your case, for instance if the police advise they are taking no further action, or if you have been charged, so that relevant information and support can be provided.

Applying to Access to Justice

  • Ensure you have been in touch with Arrest Welfare about your charge. This is essential in order to be provided with this support
  • Please email with details of your case, including: date and location of arrest, charge, date and location of first hearing
  • The Legal Funds team will respond with full details of the access to justice scheme, and a list of solicitors included within the scheme. You will contact the solicitors of your choice and they will provide you with the support as detailed above. XR will pay the solicitors legal fees directly, unless your case is dropped or you are found not guilty, in which case you will be able to get these costs reimbursed from the court.


Applying to Funds for Justice

  • Ensure you have been in touch with Arrest Welfare about your charge. This is essential in order to be provided with this support
  • Application to the funds for justice scheme will be completed following the conclusion of your case, so if you have pleaded guilty, or you are found guilty at trial. When your case has concluded please complete the following form 
  • Please ensure you hold onto any evidence of your case (eg your summons, court costs etc) as these will be required as verification
  • Your application must be completed within 30 days from the conclusion of your case


Travel expenses

For information on claiming court travel expenses, please see here:


Hardship fund

There is a hardship fund available for defendants who require additional support, to apply please email for more information


Please note - funding is limited and dependent on continued support and donations to our XR UK central legal defence fund. We ask that those who are not in need of financial support and are comfortable self funding their case do so, in order to ensure this fund reaches as many rebels as possible, but please do not hesitate to request support if it is needed.