Section 14 - Dismissed: 17-18/09/19

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Section 14

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Started with dispute between defense attorney (DA) and prosecuting attorney (PA) about the date the trial had been set for.  PA said 1 October, DA said 16 Sept. PA said arresting officer was on a rest day and could not appear today. The senior officer was present but was not required.


PA said trial was for a serious offense and therefore should be rescheduled. DJ questioned “serious” because the sentence would at most only be a fine with a conditional discharge.  PA said “serious” due to amount of police time involved and disruption caused to the public by the XR action.  DJ said that Defendant had traveled from Devon to get to court and was of previous good character.  An error had been made in the scheduling.  Defendant’s case was one of many similar cases where arguments relating to the offense could be made. 

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Case dismissed

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Defendant’s travel costs were reimbursed.