Section 14 - Guilty: 14/10/19

Court date

Court: City of London Magistrates Court

Hearing date: 14th October 2019

Bench: DJ

Charged with: Section 14

Represented by: Self representation


CI Galvin was senior officer on the ground and made the decision to impose conditions – whilst no evidence was shown that the rights of protestors had been considered (Art 9 & 10) the Judge accepted the word of the CI that he had balanced their rights. 


Video evidence showed and the defendant agreed that they understood the charge. Argued justifiable need. Judge refused to accept that the danger was imminent so did not accept that their action was necessary. 

Was defence evidence submitted in writing? No

Did defence witness(es) give evidence in person? Were they cross-examined? Yes to both

Verdict: Guilty

Sentence: 9 months Conditional Discharge

Costs: £232.50 ( Costs of £775 =20% per defendant miscalculated as £1395 split by 6 as 1 changed verdict at start of trial so £1395/6 £232.50 per defendant)