Preparing for Being Raided

The police entering your home or other premises by force can be really scary. That's why we've put together some key info for rebels on what to do if the police come knocking.

Download the leaflet here


R is for React. If you turn devices completely off after use it makes them harder for anyone else to access. Grab this leaflet and head towards the door to find out:

A is for Authorisation. Check that any warrant is signed and dated in the past, and that the address is correct. If the police are entering without a warrant, check what power authorises them to do so

I is for Identify. Identify police shoulder or warrant numbers and the items they seize (write a list!). Ensure you ask for a receipt and keep it safe. You may not get your stuff back but this gives you the best chance

D is for Departure. You or others may be leaving the premises in the back of a police van. Make sure any arrestees are given a bustcard and that you call the XR Back Office

S is for Search Record. Make sure you get a copy, and find out the contact details of the officer who can authorise return of items (the officer may not be present)