Funded Legal Advice for Newly Charged

Last updated: 05.06.2020

As a result of generous crowd-sourced donations from our CrowdJustice page we have established an access to justice scheme to provide funded initial legal advice from protest experienced solicitors for newly charged rebels. This scheme covers cases where legal aid is not available.

Current guidance is that people newly charged with Obstruction of the Highway plead not guilty until you have spoken with a protest experienced solicitor.

Below are the following details
- What’s offered
- How to access the scheme

What The XR Central Legal Funds Will Pay for:

  • A review of your case by a lawyer with protest experience from one of the law firms who already represent XR defendants listed below.
  • Specifically, this will include:
    • A legal aid eligibility check
    • Obtaining and reviewing bodyworn footage
    • Preparation of the PET form (required if pleading not guilty)
    • Advice on the likely outcome of your case and the potential financial and legal consequences and their implications.
  • This offer will not normally extend to funding towards professional representation at trial.
  • Whilst there are crowd-sourced funds available XR can sometimes provide further funded independent legal advice and potentially representation at trial. That assessment will be on a case by case basis and is dependent on the legal advice and there being sufficient crowd-funding available to support your case, balancing the needs of current and future defendants.
  • In the event that CrowdJustice funds are not allotted to cover representation by a solicitor for your case and you decide to proceed to a full trial then XR will offer you resources on how to self-represent at trial, to include the potential lines of defence open to you, as well as advice on the court process. 

Court Costs

If you proceed to trial and are found guilty the Court are likely to require you to pay some of the prosecution costs (and "victim surcharge").

It is unlikely that the CrowdJustice fund will be able to support you financially with these court costs, however, in rare cases there may be some financial support available. This will be assessed on a case by case basis dependent on the crowd-sourced funds.

What do I do next to receive the legal advice on offer?

Please email for further details. If you are planning on self funding please let us know and we will share solicitors information. Please include the date, time and place of your plea hearing as well as the charge(s) against you in your email.

The XR UK Legal Funds team