Under 18s, people with learning difficulties or mental health problems (including undiagnosed)

You have the right to an “appropriate adult”, this is someone who at some points during their detention, can be with detainees who are under the age of 18 or who have learning difficulties or mental health issues. 

A parent or guardian or appropriate adult must be called and be present for any police interview. The police can refuse for a nominated person to be an appropriate adult, and they may not agree to someone who has a criminal record or who was involved in the action. The default expectation of the police is often that it will be a parent or adult sibling. However, it doesn’t have to be and you can have one of these or another person of your choosing in mind before going out on an action. If you don’t provide your own appropriate adult the police may find a social worker, but this is not normally recommended. The police might also use an appropriate adult scheme to source one for you.

Please also read notes if appropriate on mental health here

XR note: You might want to think about getting an appropriate adult ready before you go on an action. They don’t need to be with you at the action and better that they don’t know any details but perhaps they could know to expect the call from the police station. We recommend this as there is always the risk of arrest at an action, and so it is about being prepared for every eventuality, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Police advice, however, is that where an adult is aware of your actions in advance, or involved in the protest, they are unlikely to be accepted as an appropriate adult.