Should you speak to the media?

Sometimes the media will contact you and sometimes you will want to share your story and seek it out. If you'd like to reach out to the media or need advice or support handling the press, please contact the XR Press Team on

Be sure to weigh up the consequences when thinking about media attention. It is of course part and parcel of a campaign to draw further media attention and whether you wish to speak to them is an individual decision for you.

It is important to think about the timing of sharing your story, speak to an experienced protest solicitor (see emails above) as it might be better to have coverage after a trial has concluded in order not to compromise your case. And also consider potential local attention it might bring at whatever time you do decide to share it. You should be aware that media comments can be reviewed by the prosecution and used in court – particularly if the comments are inconsistent with anything you say in a trial.

To read more about media:

Read more about social media DOs and DON'Ts here:

If you do want to speak to the media then solicitors recommend not talking about the 'particulars of your case' before the conclusion of your trial. You can talk in general terms 'It is important for me to take part in protests/take action...' rather than 'It was important to stand on Waterloo bridge...'. Some may be more relaxed about potential consequences but whatever your personal stance it's important that you go into any media interactions from an informed position.'